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We built Coras to transform the ticketing industry.

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Coras was founded with an ambitious goal: to change the way the world buys tickets online

After 10 years working in event ticketing, our founders were frustrated with the the outdated structure of the business.

Seeing opportunity in constantly evolving technology, we knew there was a better way to connect tickets to customers.

The industry had always relied on the customer actively seeking out tickets through a narrow channel of agents or direct from the supplier site. We set out to finally evolve this model.

So we built Coras; a global distribution platform that enables suppliers to pool their ticket inventory and lets distributors from any sector get real-time access.

We believe that wherever there is a potential customer online, the tickets they want should be available to them. Coras finally makes this a possibility, opening up ticket purchase opportunities through multiple channels, in a way that responds to a customer’s lifestyle.

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