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Sell tickets to your customers, wherever they are online.

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Selling tickets through multiple channels just became as simple as selling through one.

It’s time to break free from outdated industry standards, where a handful of distributors control how your tickets are sold.

With Coras, your tickets connect to customers through the websites they’re already using. So wherever there’s a potential customer, they can buy your tickets.

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A smarter way to sell tickets.

Each of our distribution partners uses their unique customer data to target sales based on online activity. Your tickets are presented to a customer who’s primed to buy.

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Better exposure for events.

With some of the world’s biggest brands promoting your sales online, there’s less need for traditional marketing.

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No additional cost.

Coras shares the booking fee revenue with our distribution partners so there’s no additional cost to selling your tickets.

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Coras is already connected to many ticketing software companies. If your online sales are powered by one of these systems, you can switch on Coras straight away. Find out how you can turn on Coras now.

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